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Forest City Tourism provides amounts of information about Forest City Marina Phoenix Hotel, Forest City Golf Hotel, and Forest City golf courses.

Forest City is first developed by the team from Country Garden and Johor’s Esplanade Danga 88 Sdn Bhd in the year of 2015. This eco-friendly city has the potential to host many residents, and provides excellent dining and entertainment options for foreigners.

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The city of Forest City, tourists and residents can stroll through the vast green maze observe sunsets from the perspective of a stunning coastline, and shop for the top brands and soak in the beauty of the surrounding area. The city that is smart is known for the two golf courses which includes the hotel and two 18-hole courses that were designed by Liang Guokun. These are also the residences of Jack Nicklaus and his son and son.

Forest City is more than just an environmentally-friendly and intelligent tourism or residential zone. This project hopes to bring Malaysia in the spotlight of the world as a popular tourist destination that offers excellent education, economic development and top-quality health care.

In the past six years, in the last six years. The Forest City project has been designed to comply with Malaysian local and central government’s laws and regulations that assist in the country’s growth and social growth. Forest City is also a great example of a sustainable and living city that is business-friendly and can be a model for the future cities in the near future.

Forest the sixth year anniversary, which marks the sixth anniversary of the city offers the opportunity to look back on the major milestones in the development of the city and express gratitude to all who was a part of the process. As time has passed, Forest City will remain determined to become an ever-growing city that is clean and alive.