Recall the games you use to play as a child?

Utilize any of those standard party games and

essentially change the game name to

Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra,

Gloria the Hippo, Melman Giraffe,

the Ring-Tailed Lemurs and the Penguins

also, you are set for the sake of entertainment games

at your Madagscar Party!

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Here are a couple of thoughts:

Simon Says

presently named

Wanderlusting Marty the Zebra

Here’s the means by which to play:

The pioneer gets down on an activity. Children possibly play out the activity in case it is gone before with the words:

MARTY SAYS, “Contact Your Nose”

Children don’t play out the activity stop if the words are: Touch Your Nose.

Playing out an activity without the MARTY SAYS


wipes out the player from the game. Last kid left is the victor.

Activity Ideas include:

Squirm you nose

Contact your ears

Applaud your paws

Rub your belly

Shake you stomach

Thunder like Alex

Turn your Gloria Hippo body right around

Make a Melman grin

Make a Melman the Giraffe dismal face

Make Marty the Zebra eyes

Chuckle like the Lemurs laugh

Waddle like the Penguins

(make up your own behavior)

Hot Potato Game

presently named

Killjoy Melman the Giraffe’s

Enormous Bag of Worries

Here’s the means by which to play:

This Big Bag is loaded up with bunches of issues that Melman consistently stresses over and they need to get out and get kids in difficulty – actually like the m stands for Touch Of Madagascar, the item is to have the children pass the pack as fast as they can so the concerns won’t fly out and get them.

Nut Toss Game

presently called

Multitude of Lemurs

Here’s the way to play:

Throw garments pins painted to appear as though lemurs are thrown into a bucket or a solid paper sack.


Give a few buckets and position one bucket nearest to the Tosser, one bucket further back, another bucket set significantly further away. Every bucket has focuses: depressed spots for nearest bucket, most noteworthy focuses for the bucket found the farthest away. Paint the dresses pins with white, dim or earthy colored paint or indelible markers and add stripes to their ring tails so they look like Lemurs. Other than denoting the point esteem on every bucket or paper sack, print the words LEMUR POT on every one. After the party is finished, utilize the buckets to hold little toys in the a kid’s room or little things in your storage space… utilize the garments pins on holders to hold garments set up.

Gunny Sack Race

presently named

Road Savvey Gloria the Hippo’s

Hippity Hop Race

Here’s the way to play:

Give a beginning and end goal (across the lawn or park). Give every kid a burlap sack or texture sack, (plastic is hazardous and breaks). Get every one of the children and their sacks going simultaneously. Initial one to cross the Finish Line is the champ.

Action Variation

Before the Gloria the Hippo Game:

Give high contrast development paper, scissors and stick and request that every youngster make their own Gloria the Hippo Tails. Join the Hippo Tail to the rear of the gunny or texture sacks and watch the fun as the children ricochet to a great extent with every one of the tails bobbing noticeable all around. (…think about Hippo Ears, as well).

Nail the Tail to the Donkey Game

presently named

Nail the Nose to the

Delicate King of the Hill

Alex the Lion

Here’s the manner by which to play:

Utilizing a huge piece of butcher’s paper (from the meat office at your supermarket) and draw a major Alex the Lion face so his nose is large. Utilizing brilliantly shaded development paper cut out noses and add twofold sided tape to the back. Compose a kid’s name on each bow. Each kid in turn, blindfold them, tenderly turn them around and when they are confronting the banner, have them stroll with their arms loosened up till they arrive at the banner on the divider and add their bow to where they think the finish of Eeyore’s tail is found. The kid nearest to the furthest limit of Eeyore’s tail is the victor.

Egg and Spoon Race

presently named

Group of four of Penguins Wobble

Here’s the way to play:

Give an enormous spoon and an expanded inflatable for every player. (Spoon size ought to be founded on the periods of the children, more modest spoons for more seasoned children, bigger spoons for more youthful children.) Provide a Start/Finish region inside or outside. Children hold out spoon away from their body and spot an expanded inflatable on it. When advised to begin, each conveys their spoon and inflatable to the Finish region without dropping the inflatable. Toward the Finish Line, the youngster eliminates the inflatable, places the inflatable on the ground and sits on it till it pops. In the event that the inflatable drops, the kid should return to the Start Line to attempt once more. Initial one to pop his/her inflatable is the champ.